Sachin Tendulkar, Indian sports stars sing national anthem

Published On: January 25, 2016

Yesterday provided another reason for batting great Sachin Tendulkar to remember Centurion 2003 when India clashed with Pakistan in the mother of all cricketing battles at the World Cup in South Africa.
Tendulkar unveiled the first ever national anthem featuring sporting icons, called The Sports Heroes at a Bandra hotel yesterday, a couple of days before Republic Day.
He also recalled the feeling when the national anthem was recited before the start of the 2011 World Cup final against Sri Lanka. “I can never forget that experience.
The entire stadium singing Jana Gana Mana still reverberates in my ears. It’s the proudest feeling I have ever had in my life,” he said.
The Sports Heroes was conceptulised by former India spinner Nilesh Kulkarni, who is the director of the International Institute of Sports Management (IISM).

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