IISM at 37th National Games in Goa

Published On: November 6, 2023

From October 26th to November 9th, Goa will host India’s 37th National Games, which will be a watershed moment in the country’s sporting history. An unprecedented 50 sports will be featured at the games, with over 10,000 athletes competing at more than 28 venues in Goa and Delhi. Some of the newer sports include beach football, roll ball, golf, sepaktakraw, sqay martial arts, kalaripayattu, pencak silat, and coastal and tidal rowing.

This is a vital training ground for athletes who hope to represent India at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and Asian Games. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji will attend the opening ceremony.

However, it takes a group of skilled managers, especially those with experience in sports management, to pull off such a massive undertaking. These experts help make sure that every aspect of planning the event is taken care of.

Every individual makes a valuable contribution to the flawless implementation of the National Games.

IISM Students are working at 37th National Games in Goa

IISM Students are working at 37th National Games in Goa

Their responsibilities in these sections range from event planning and coordination to personnel management and budgeting.

International Institute of Sports & Management (IISM) is instrumental in this massive undertaking. Over a hundred hardworking sports management experts from IISM are currently engaged in a wide range of activities across departments like accreditation, overlays, GMS, strategic knowledge partner teams, ACT, venue coordination, volunteer management, and so on. These include both current and former students.

IISM, located in Mumbai is a leading educational institution in the field of sports management and sports science education. It’s official role is that of “Strategic Knowledge and Training Partner” for the Goa National Games.

The institute’s impact goes beyond this particular event because of its dedication to developing the kind of sports management expertise that is essential to the success of competitions of this scale.

IISM’s trained professionals will expertly coordinate the cooperation between departments to guarantee the smooth running of the National Games.

Their hard work is evident in every detail, from establishing a detailed procedure manual to organising the schedule of events for the competition.

In conclusion, this year’s 37th National Games in Goa serve as more than just a showcase for India’s sporting prowess; they also provide a venue for discovering and developing up-and-coming athletes.

The National Games are more than just a sporting event, thanks to the dedication of sports management experts and organisations like IISM. Together, they form the basis for a promising career in sports.



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