Corporate Relations
Student Committee:

Corporate Relations Student Committee (CRSC) focuses on assisting IISM students in identifying and exploring placement and internship opportunities by:

  • Facilitating company data mining processes
  • Constantly widening the reach & increasing the companies database
  • Networking with potential recruiters
  • Scouting, approaching & identifying the best suited opportunities
  • Aiding in student’s soft-skill development

Student Sports Cell:

Student Sports Cell focusses on facilitating the development of sporting culture amongst IISM students by:

  • Researching & scouting for various sporting tournaments (university and private) and facilitating IISM’s representation in those events
  • Organizing & encouraging selection trials for various sporting activities
  • Scouting & facilitating operational requirements
  • Facilitating the necessary merchandise & equipments for various sporting activities
  • Accounting & budgeting each of the sporting activities & abiding by it
  • Being innovative about the end-to-end for each of sporting activities & events.
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Research Cell:

This Research cell is aimed at enhancing the research capacity of faculty & students. Students at IISM undergo thorough Research Method courses followed by a Dissertation during their program tenure. The cell focuses on:

  • Encouraging faculty & students alike to take up research projects on contemporary local, national & international issues.
  • Organizing Academic Writing workshops in order to hone writing & analytical skills of students.
  • Encouraging students to publish original work in leading journals & presenting at conferences.

Student Life Cell:

Student Life Cell focuses on innovations & ideation that aid in creating learning opportunities by:

  • Promoting socio-cultural skill development by organizing various events.
  • Inculcating values such as leadership & fellowship by encouraging students to take active participation.
  • Facilitating holistic personality development.

Entrepreneur Cell:

The Entrepreneur Cell is established to identify and nurture talent in entrepreneurial sports by giving the deserving talents opportunities to excel and build financial security. This will, in time, give them a chance to enhance the value of the self, community and nation.

Institute Social Responsibility Cell:

This cell is formed to undertake the challenge of creating socially responsible global citizens. ISRC provides a platform for students to explore and pursue their passion through which students can make a positive impact on the society that we live in. The cell aims to ensure holistic development of students.