JUNOON 2K22 at a Glance

Published On: April 21, 2022

The students of the International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai organized and executed the much-awaited Inter College Sports Management Fest “JUNOON” on 22nd March. This event was held at College Premises (19th and 20th) and Poisar Gymkhana (21st and 22nd).

JUNOON is an initiative launched by IISM, Mumbai where students plan various sports and business competitions which encourages learning from peers, teamwork, agility, and critical thinking.


The event was led and executed successfully under the guidance of Mr. Parth Pandya, a Member of the Corporate Relations Team, IISM, who helped the students gain perspective, and experience and guided them to seamlessly work with different departments to enrich their skills.

A committee was formed that worked tirelessly for near to 4 months to ensure there were no hurdles during the event. In December 2021, the committee was formed and was initiated by the selection of the President, Mr. Pravesh Mandawara, who was designated by the college through a selection process. Following the President’s selection, there were 5 Vice-Presidents selected by the same selection process who coordinated with various departments which were divided into two parts – The Administration Departments and Event Departments.

The Administration Department comprised of Computer, Creatives, Digi-tech, Finance, Hospitality, Logistics, Marketing, Public Relations, Registrations, Securities, Sponsorship, and Technicals. The Event Department comprised Auction, BGMI, Chess, FIFA, Cricket, and Football.

These event heads were the backbone of their respective events as they organized – Cricket, Football, FIFA, Chess, BGMI & IPL Auction. The PR team visited 70 colleges across Mumbai and attracted 360 participants for these events. FIFA, Chess, BGMI & IPL Auction took place at the campus on 19th & 20th. Football & Cricket were held at Poisar Gymkhana, Kandivali (West).

Fifa Junoon Fest

The Hospitality department served all the participants and took immense care of their basic requirements throughout the event. All thanks to the logistics department who helped set up the essentials and it was properly arranged. The Marketing Department put all their efforts into keeping the social media up to date and made certain the word JUNOON reached out to every college student.

It is no secret that sponsorships are the backbone for the success of any sports event, and our Sponsorship Department efficiently added value by onboarding sponsors for this event. The event was sponsored by BrewHouse Iced tea as our Iced Tea Partner, Prolicious as our Protein Snacks Partner, Sportshosts as our Media Partner, KarateFreaks as our Training Partner, Decathlon Andheri West as our Cricket Equipment Partner, Decathlon Malad as our Football Equipment Partner, Viral Fission as our Community Partner, and HJ Doshi Hospital as our Medical Partner.

The Creatives Department ensured that the event venue was eye-catching and attractive. They coordinated with the Marketing Department to make creative posts for social media accounts.

The Securities Department took special care to ensure all the safety measures were in place for the event. They made sure that no participant was allowed to enter the campus without their respective College ID and Vaccination certificate, considering all the Covid-19 protocols.

The Digi-Tech team captured all the precious moments of the event. They captured all the exciting behind-the-scenes footage, where other departments were preparing to execute this event. Furthermore, they didn’t miss out on the bloopers.

The Technicals Department was tasked with managing the network performances during the events and solving troubleshooting problems. Similarly, the Computer Department handled all the sound software and made sure the network worked smoothly.

The Registration Department took care of the participant’s registration process and efficiently collected the entry fee. They maintained a precise record of all the participants who registered for the event. The Finance Department ensured we got the adequate and timely provision of funds for the smooth functioning of the operations. They had a budget that we had to adhere to for every operation.

19th March marked the beginning of JUNOON 2K22 as there were three events- FIFA, Chess, and IPL Auction which were held on the campus. For the IPL Auction, we had guests from Mumbai Indians Live Mr. Kunal Samant and Ms. Sanika Chhatre who actively took part in the auction. Approximately 300 players were sold in the IPL Auction. Simultaneously, FIFA and the Chess event went live on the first day of the event.

IPL AUCTION | Junoon Fest

FIFA was an individual event where the participants were given the chance to choose their own teams, but on the other hand, there were 10 teams allocated to 10 different colleges for the IPL Auction. The Sportshosts were continuously uploading live updates regarding the events. By the end of the first day, we already had a winner for one of the events’ which were H.R. College in the IPL Auction. Just like the most successful team in IPL, the Mumbai Indians were victorious in the IPL Auction.

20th March marked the second day of the event and we continued with FIFA and Chess. Also, we added a new event that was the BGMI. By the end of day 2 we successfully completed four events in total and among the four events, three events were executed on day 2 itself. We completed FIFA, Chess, and BGMI. We gave many rewards in FIFA like a winner, runners-up, most goals, and most clean sheets. For Chess, we reserved Trophies for the 1st & 2nd players and also gave cash prizes from 1st to 8th position rankers. In BGMI the winners were again H.R College.

21st March marked the third day and the beginning of all the outdoor events. We started off the day with cricket and football at Poisar Gymkhana. The cricket and football tournaments were in a knockout format. We completed round 1 of both the tournaments on day 3 and went on to the next stage of the tournaments.

On 22nd March we had the qualifiers and eliminators of both sports and announced the winners and runners-up. In cricket the winners were VSIT and the runners-up were Bulls United. The winners of the football were Gucci FC and the runners-up were KC college.

winners of the football

The event concluded with a closing ceremony where the winners and runners-up were honored with their awards and goodies by our sponsors. In the closing ceremony, the best CL of the college was honored and awarded to H.R. College.

The overall experience of the event was life-enriching for everyone who was a part of JUNOON.

Our Creatives Head, Dhiya Khimasia shared her experience of the event. She recalled, “JUNOON 2K22 has been one of the best events that I have been a part of. I learned quite a few things from this event like quick decision-making, and punctuality and I think the experience I have gained from this event will definitely help me in all further aspects of my life.”

Our Sponsorship and PR Head, Atharva Loya said, “I am thankful for this opportunity as I’ve learned how to negotiate sponsorship contracts with companies through the practical exposures that I got during JUNOON 2K22.”

JUNOON 2K22 was a successful event that helped us learn a lot about how to organize and manage such huge events from a very young age. The hands-on experience the students got of planning and executing a sporting event like JUNOON is something that was a perfect learning experience to everything that was taught in the classroom.

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– Seerat Midha (FYBSM) & Ishaan Ranadive (SYBSM)

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