11 months-full-time


Must have completed graduation in any field from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate of 40% in all the subjects.

Step into the Arena of Sports Management with IISM’s Expertise

Bachelor of sports science

The Indian Sports Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world at 15% (Source: DataPOWA). With the sporting sector flourishing phenomenally, we need competent professionals to look after the business, management and entrepreneurship side of sports.

IISM’s eleven-month Post Graduate Program in Sports Management (PGPSM) is an autonomous course designed by us to give an edge to sports enthusiasts who wish to become professionals in the sports industry.

The program’s curriculum is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of International Business, Strategic Management, Sports Management, Sports Facility & Event Management, Sports Financial Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Law, Sports Analytics, Grassroots, Public Relations, Research and much more.

With formal Sports Management education, the sports aspirants would be equipped to contribute immensely towards the growth of the sector and India becoming a sporting superpower.

Post Graduate Program in Sports Management

Curriculum of the program

Lead the Game: Explore the Core of Sports Management at IISM


Internship & Placement assistance


Extensive research opportunities


Live exposure at prominent sporting events


Guest sessions by industry stalwarts


Specially designed curriculum in synergy with the growth of the sporting sector


Campus life that encourages holistic development

The program provides robust support for internships and placements, ensuring students get hands-on experience and opportunities in the sports industry.

Students are encouraged to engage in comprehensive research, fostering a deeper understanding of the sports sector.

The curriculum includes real-world exposure at significant sports events, offering practical learning experiences.

Learn from the best in the business through guest lectures and interactive sessions with industry stalwarts.

The course content is carefully crafted to align with the dynamic growth of the sports sector, covering essential topics like International Business, Sports Marketing, Sports Law, and more.

IISM promotes an all-rounded development approach, ensuring students not only learn but also grow personally and professionally.

I’m currently pursuing Post-Graduate Program in Sports Management from IISM. Sports has always been a vital part of my life. It gave me something more than just a purpose – it gave me an identity. I always wanted to be on the playground than be confined within the four walls of the classroom during my school life.

This fascination with sports made me curious about not just the strategies of the game but also about the logistical and management aspect of it. To continue this professionally, I choose IISM for my training. So far, my journey at IISM has been amazing. From the first day itself, we have been trained with ground-level experiences. I was also elected as President of the College Sports Festival.

Apart from this, I have received an internship at FIFA World Cup 2022, in Qatar. Through education at IISM, I am taking my efforts forward and building myself as an ethical leader who can create new systems for the sports industry.

Deepak Tanwani, 2022-23

Studying at IISM was a turning point in my career. From getting my first internship to becoming the Partnership Manager at Rario, I’ve witnessed remarkable growth. IISM gave me the much-needed confidence, invaluable knowledge, on-ground internships, and supportive environment that helped me understand the intricacies of the sports industry.

Aman yadavAman Yadav, 2019-2020

Studying sports management at IISM opened doors to the dynamic world of sports. I’ve explored diverse roles, which led me to become the Manager of Partnerships and Alliances at FanCode. As sports management is an exciting field, my advice would be to explore different paths and not to keep oneself restricted.

Gayatri SharmaGayatri Sharma, 2011-2012

As someone who is very enthusiastic about making a career in sports management, IISM has surpassed all expectations. The course has opened a plethora of pathways in sports with the guest lectures provided by eminent and successful personalities from the industry. They had added a lot of value to the knowledge I have gathered to date. IISM has offered many opportunities to work and to network with many people from varied backgrounds in the sector along with offering academic excellence. For instance, being a football fan, I had an opportunity to work with the Bhaichung Bhutia Football School through IISM placements and I am grateful for it as it is a great start to my career in sports. Being a reputed institution, I would urge all students, with full confidence, to join the institute as they provide a platform to meet new people who will aid you to excel in your selected field.

Aditya KAditya K.

IISM is a place where you can find the ideal combination of learning and fun. The primary course focus was sports management and it enhanced my skills in digital marketing and celebrity management. It offers a pool of opportunity, be it internships or volunteering for life skill development. I enjoyed my journey at IISM as the path was full of great experiences, all thanks to the great support received from the faculty. IISM provides you the right platform to showcase your skills. All you need to do is be focused, and work hard towards achieving your career goals.

Current Company and Designation:
Starconnect, Event Manager.

Pratima BhartiPratima Bharti

I have always been a sports-lover, and I always knew my happiness lies in being out there on the field. I always wanted to learn and get a deep insight about the sports world beyond the field and IISM was the best option and choice that I made. The journey so far has been wonderful and the people whom we have got to meet have had really interesting things to share with us.

The atmosphere here has only always given me a feeling of belongingness because sports has always been a priority to me and here I have met all like-minded people and sports-lovers. The staff and the management has also been very helpful and co-operative.

Tanvi Shevade

“It was great experience to be able to attend such a prestigious conference. I’d like to extend my gratitude towards IISM board members for exposing us to such a great platform& letting us explore wide horizons through research paper or knowledge report. It was a great learning experience as we got an opportunity to interact with not just the industry experts but also dignitaries with abundant knowledge about the sporting ecosystem. Networking is key to success was embodied through this event as we also got an opportunity to interact with athletes like Manu Bhaker & Vikas Krishnan who’ve made India proud.

When I chose IISM to build my career within the sports industry, my ultimate goal was to become a sports analyst and I believe with opportunities like, I’m getting the right push as I get to interact with sports analytical experts from ruling sporting companies like star sports who guided me in various aspects of analytics which was the biggest and most important takeaway for me.

I am extremely grateful to IISM for providing this platform & helping me be more confident about my vision.”


I’ve always been inclined towards research development. I would really like to thank IISM for giving me an opportunity to work upon a knowledge report “Sports Development and Youth Engagement” which was released at the FICCI TURF 2018 Conference.

This assignment has helped me get an in-depth knowledge about the sports industry & how youth is an integral part of it, for a bright future of this sector.
This was undoubtedly a great learning experience, and I wish to work on many such research projects, in my tenure at IISM.

Upasana PurohitUpasana Purohit

Since the first moment I came to IISM I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiams. The faculty and staff at this institution are top rate. They all want their students to do well. IISM has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need… Professors helped me beyond words, I can say. All the faculty members were amazing!! They were active sports industry professionals and the experience and knowledge that they brought with them can’t be matched. I really believe it is a privilege to join IISM and I am so glad I made that decision.

Ankit KaseraAnkit Kasera, 2015-16

IISM has helped me realize my strengths and also my areas of improvemnt. The subjects covered during the academic year have given me knowledge of all that goes into the making of an organization, brand or aleague. I’ve been able to gain self confidence will help me in the long run, in the Sporting Industry.

Tanaz MohammedTanaz Hassan Mohommed, 2015-16

Career Horizons in

Sports Management

Imagine leading organizations that host major sporting leagues and events, or contributing to community programs that foster sports participation. The MSM degree opens doors to diverse roles, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for 11-month Post-Graduate Program in Sports Management is ₹3,90,000/- only.

Some of the exciting subjects that you will learn in Post Graduate Program in Sports Management are International Business, Sports Financial Management, Sports Sponsorship and many more.