Launch of “Survey on Indian Athletes’ Perspective on Sports Science and Technology”

Published On: December 28, 2023
Survey on Indian Athletes

In a move to understand how the integration of sports science and technology has helped athletes improve their form, IISM published a new report, shedding light on the perspective of Indian athletes.

The report titled “Survey on Indian Athletes’ Perspective on Sports Science and Technology” was spearheaded by IISM’s Founder Director, Mr. Nilesh Kulkarni.

The report was launched at the Exspo Conclave in Pune in the presence of brilliant minds like Mr. Nino Severino, former Olympic and WTA Touring Coach, and Dr. Ajit Mapari, founder of Fit2Sport. The conclave served as a perfect platform as it saw visionaries share their insights on the importance of implementing technological advancements in sports. The collaborative effort behind this comprehensive survey involved the meticulous work of report guide Mr. Amitava Pal, Associate Dean at IISM.

Mr. Pal had the assistance of Ms. Arpi Shah, Adjunct Professor and Coordinator, and Ms. Ayushi Dhakate, Adjunct Faculty and Coordinator, as authors.

The contributors who worked along with the authors were:

● Dr. Pralay Majumdar, Dean PAN India at Sports Authority of India
● Dr. Ajit Mapari, Founder of Fit2Sport & Athlex
● Dr. Rachna Sharma, Founder and Managing Director of The Body Clinic
● Mr. Ramji Srinivasan, Founder Director of Sports Dynamix HPC
● Ms. Parinaaz Irani, Peak Performance Psychologist
● Dr. Mitu Sethiya, Senior Physiotherapist at Sunshine Wellness Centre
● Ms. Shruti Kaniya, National Head Nutritionist for World Association of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO)
● Mr. Vishnu Govind, Founder of Add Valorem

Their dedication and commitment resulted in a report that promises to be a valuable resource for athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts alike.

This report explores the perspectives of Indian athletes on the integration of sports science and technology. It also covers a wide array of topics, ranging from the utilisation and adoption of technology among Indian athletes to the role of sports science and technology in elevating Indian athletes’ mental preparedness. The report also explores the expectations of Indian athletes in the realm of sports science and technology. The report concludes with a prevailing positive sentiment towards the adoption of advanced technological tools.

To know more about the report and gain an in-depth understanding of the survey, we invite you to download the full report by [clicking here].

The report serves as a platform that is guaranteed to guide aspirants towards a future where innovation and athlete well-being go hand in hand.

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