A Thorough Guide Explaining Everything about Bachelor of Sports Science (BSS) and Master of Sports Science (MSS)

Published On: April 14, 2022
School of sports science

International Institute of Sports Management (IISM) is a Sports Management Education Institute established in 2010 with an aim to provide excellent education to sports enthusiast students interested in pursuing an education in Sports Management.

IISM offers three full-time Sports Management Courses: –

  1. Bachelor of Sports Management

  2. Masters of Sports Management

  3. Post-graduate program in Sports Management.

The courses offered by the institute are curated under the guidance from the experts of the sports fraternity and are in collaboration with the University of Mumbai and Garware Institute of Career Education & Development (GICED).

The institute offers the perfect combination of theoretical classroom training and practical on-field application blended programs. The benefit of such courses is that it provides the ideal environment for the students to develop their management skills, orientation and capabilities.

The students also learn about entrepreneurial, leadership skills, and professional competence. We train our students in such a way that once they have completed our courses, they will be in a position to identify and fulfill the gaps of the sport’s corporate world.

Sports industry today

The pandemic created major headwinds in the sports industry in 2020 which led to fewer sporting opportunities which took a heavy toll and the industry only generated INR 5894 Cr ($796 Mn), in revenue.

But after some minor turbulence in 2021, the industry bounced right back and spun into action generating revenue of INR 9530 Cr ($1288 Mn). Now you might be wondering how did the industry manage to surpass $1000 Mn in just a year? it was solely because of three factors; sponsorships, athlete endorsements, and media spending by brands.

As per the report from the FICCI document, the sports industry will employ roughly 43.7 lakh people over the years in India. This is enough to prove that India’s sporting eco-system will be upgraded with world-class experts who will cover the entire spectrum of the industry.

This means that more coaches, track and field experts, sports medicine experts, trainers, sports nutrition experts, sports psychologists, strength trainers, competition managers, sports photographers, journalists, law experts, and nutritionists will be needed in the future.

Taking it further and to ensure our students get the full support and appreciation they deserve our experts from IISM established the School of Sports Science.

What is the School of Sports Science?

Considering the long-term objective of our sports industry, the team from IISM who pioneered in Sports Management Education in 2011 established the School of Sports Science in 2022.

We have trained over 1800 students who are now employed across various mega sporting bodies and federations in India and overseas. Our team have curated these specialized courses in collaboration with the experts from the University of Mumbai and the Garware Institute of Career Education & Development (GICED).

Our vision is to become a key contributor in making India a sporting country and to be a catalyst of the growth by being the Center of Excellence in Sports Management & allied areas of Education.

Our mission is to help carve Sports Management heroes who would represent India on the global map and in leading sporting events like FIFA World Cups, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, The Olympics, and other Major Leagues. We aim to provide support and nourishment at the grassroots levels across India and overseas.

What is Sports Science?

Sports Science is that branch of science that analyzes physiology, biomechanics, psychology, biochemistry, and strength conditioning that enhances the comprehensive performance of the athletes to improve the results, enhance performance, and reduce any kinds of on-field injuries, prehab, rehab, and assist in winning championships.

Sports Science is that domain that identifies the factors that impact sports performance and suggests strategies that will help improve the play of the athletes.

Our main objective of introducing Sports Sciences is to provide assistance to the current sports industry to eradicate any gap between the demand and supply of scientists, and experts in India and overseas.

The knowledge imparted in this field is not restricted to athletes but is also beneficial for professionals who want to make a contribution to the overall success of the sports industry.

That being said, IISM is proud to announce the commencement of two new Sports Science Courses: –

  1. Bachelor of Sports Science

  2. Master of Sports Science

Bachelor of Sports Science

Bachelor of Sports Science (BSS) is a three-year full-time Bachelor’s Degree which was curated with the collaboration with the University of Mumbai and GICED. IISM will provide this course and is the perfect combination of theoretical classroom learning and practical on-field exposure.

Master of Sports Science

Master of Sports Science (MSS) is a two-year full-time Master’s degree in Sports Science in collaboration with the University of Mumbai & GICED. This course will be conducted by the International Institute of Sports Management (IISM), and is a perfect blend of classroom learning & practicals.

How would you benefit by enrolling in this course?

  • This is the perfect course for sports aficionados who are looking forward to making a career in sports, fitness, event management, health consulting, wellness promotion, etc.
  • After completion, the students can work in the vast field of the Sports Sciences industry in India, as it is estimated that this industry alone would be responsible for generating 425,839 jobs in 2022.
  • This curriculum will help participants in achieving career and personal goals by allowing them to participate in a highly competitive sector.
  • The course is curated by top sports scientists and is delivered by sports science practitioners.

What are the career aspects after pursuing this course?

The students are opened to a whole new career choice after the completion of this course. The graduates can contribute to the sports industry in the following ways: –

  • Fitness center manager
  • Nutritionist
  • Performance analyst
  • Personal trainer
  • Sports coach
  • Sports development officer
  • Sports therapist
  • Event manager
  • Outdoor activities manager.

What are some course highlights?

  • More than 50% of the entire course delivery is through live practicals
  • Practicals are conducted at the best labs, gyms, and training centers in Mumbai
  • Course delivered by medical practitioners, industry experts, & top sports scientists
  • Newest career option for sports enthusiasts wanting to make a career in the sports science field
  • Course imparted by India’s pioneer institute in sports education, IISM
  • Internship & placement assistance
  • Field visits.

How does one enroll in these Sports Science programs?

SSAT – Sports Science Admission Test is an online entrance test to secure admission for Bachelor of Sports Science & Master of Sports Science programs offered by the International Institute of Sports & Management.

The test focuses on the candidate’s liking & inclination toward scientific areas in sport. This test evaluates the MSS aspirants in their aptitude for logic reasoning, knowledge of sports laws, history of sports, human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, verbal ability, and verbal reasoning.

To know more in detail about the SSAT entrance test and its curriculum click here.

Since India is becoming the hot spot for several major league sporting events like the ICC World Cup T20, Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi League, Indian Table Tennis League, ISL, Futsal, etc. competing in name, fame, glamour, and of course money with their international counterparts such as the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League (NHL), and the Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States, the big five football (soccer) leagues of Europe – the Premier League in England, the Bundesliga in Germany, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy and Ligue 1 in France, we need to have professionals who will ensure that athletes do not face any issue while playing for these events.

Concluding Words

If you wish to pursue a career in Sports Science, we have laid out the ideal opportunity for you. You can enroll into our Bachelor of Sports Science, and Master of Sports Science and explore a whole new hidden world. If you wish to enquire more, visit us at the School of Science. To learn more about Sports Science Admission Test (SSAT) exam, click here.

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