SMAT: Gateway to a promising career in Sports Management

Published On: May 21, 2019

SMAT (Sports Management Admission Test)
The test focuses on candidate’s liking & awareness towards the sports industry & their acumen for the business side of sports.
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Admission season is just around the corner and everyone is looking to zeroing down on a college of their choice and calibre. Students with a fulsome interest in sports and its business vertical will be gearing up to get accepted at International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai (IISM). Post the inception of various sporting leagues, the playing field of sports management runs beyond measure. The surfeit of opportunities in the industry has made it a lucrative choice among the youth of the country. The horizon of Sports management is not limited to managing a team or an event. On the contrary, it extends an assortment of career choices such as statistician, commentator, broadcaster, sports marketing professional, media manager, league manager, Public Relations, Human Resources and many more.

With the eruption of a cluster of sporting leagues as well as national and international championships, sports management requires well-qualified individuals with an undying passion for sports. IISM, the pioneer of sports management courses in the country is accepting applications for its Bachelor’s program of Sports Management (BSM), Master’s program of Sports Management (MSM) and Post Graduate Program in Sports and Wellness Management (PGPS & WM) program for the academic year 2019-2020. To enrol, an aptitude test SMAT is a prerequisite. SMAT, an acronym for Sports Management Admission Test stands true to its name for ensuring a high-quality bar for its new batches. The 2-hour test is conducted to test your industry awareness and ardour for sports.

Since IISM welcomes students from all disciplines, the test holds only 30% questions from the sports segment. 70% weight is extended to mathematics, English and other parallels. IISM is committed to producing future champions of the industry and this test ensures it is training truly ardent minds. Bachelor of Sports Management (BSM) and Masters of Sports Management exhibit a platform for learning the true business of sports with theoretical and practical knowledge. The 3-year BSM and the 2-year long MSM programs bloom their best at the opportunity of an internship with IISM’s 50+recruiters and partners, all of who are North stars of their industries.

Post Graduate Program in Sports and Wellness Management course (11-month program) focuses on 6 key subjects each semester. At IISM, graduates with 2 years of professional experience can enrol into this executive program to focus on entrepreneurship and building scalable and sustainable business models. The SMAT required to get an entry into the coveted institution for any of its celebrated courses stands for more than just a sports knowledge test. Sports records and name of the authorities are a part of the test but not its entirety. The test is comprehensively based on acumen, sports knowledge and passion. It is divided into 4 segments namely, Quantitative Analysis, Data Interpretation with Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability and reasoning and lastly, sports awareness.

The profusion of career choices in Sports at national and international level makes Sports management a rewarding option. SMAT dates are currently open and welcoming applications from pan India. Apply now and learn the fundamentals and intricacies of sports the professional way.

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