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Published On: May 10, 2017

Sports in India is moving out of the closet from the once dominant “Big Daddy” – Cricket to Multi-Sporting Nation tag garnering presence in both traditional sports like Kabaddi and famous international sports like Football. India has caught the fancy of Leagues right from the decade old IPL to spreading wings into Pro Kabaddi League, ISL, Futsal, Indian Badminton League etc.

“Uncertainity of the Outcome” is what makes Sports Unique when compared to other mediums of entertainment for the audience. Nail biting finishes, tables turning on the other team which was a dark horse seems to be the thrill and adventure in today’s Sport.

The Business of Sports is getting bigger in the sub-continent and providing livelihood to millions of middle-class Indians. IPL has given direct employment to players who come from poor backgrounds like Bumrah, the famous IPL find from Gujarat. IPL has also given indirect employment to around 30,000 families who are depending on this league for their livelihoods.

Sports should be made compulsory in the School Education and should have marks allocated in Entrance exams so that there will be seriousness in the whole education system to make Sports an integral part of the education to make it holistic in nature.

Government should also make necessary changes in the laws governing sports and inculcate it as a part of the Indian Culture. Infrastructure should be developed to facilitate sports across major cities and towns. This can go a long way to generate and create interest for the future of Sports in India.

Dr.RamKishen. Y, a guest faculty at IISM. He has done extensive research in Sports Marketing. Presently writing a textbook on Sports Marketing in India.

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