Is Sports Management a wise choice for the women?

Published On: September 18, 2018
sports management

Girl power is ruling every nook and corner of the globe, isn’t it? Whether it is a mission on mars or taking odd jobs, we are standing in the decade where the gap between men and women is demeaning. It is agreed that there is still a long way to go but the part worth appreciating is that the bridge is being made, the gap is being filled.

Today, women are excelling in a variety of sports, be it badminton, cricket, hockey, running or tennis but do we realize that there are a plethora of opportunities in the sports management avenue too?

How lucrative is that for women?

Strong headed women across the globe are now paving their ways towards sports management as a promising career option. While some of us are still skeptical about this career avenue, a lot of us are already speaking in favour of it.

Here is why opting for sports management could be a wise choice for women –

Path-breaking –

The career avenue is still breeding which means that there are ample opportunities available. Being an unexplored region women can do a lot here. This would indeed be one of the path-breaking career opportunities. Gone are the days when we were meant for the kitchen, entering this avenue and being good at managing it would open the doors for all the women.

Treating equals –

Equality is a long fought war for ages. Being a woman if you can reach space then why this avenue remain untapped? Entering this zone of sports help women uplift themselves and experiment with opportunities. Sports has been dominated by the male counterparts for a long time. Entering into the spectrum through these jobs would eventually contribute to establishing equality.

Unconventional career option –

Gone are the days when several destined jobs such as banking and insurance were set aside for females. The strong headed women of today know no boundary. Opportunities in sports management allow them to take up a career that is unconventional and uncommon at the moment.

Globally, the proportion of females in sports management in comparison to the male counterparts is saddening. Perhaps, it is the lack of awareness and existence of prejudice that is refraining females from participating in sports management and making an enriched career in the field.

However, Managing over 1,000 employees and helping drive an estimated $700 million in annual revenues, racing heiress Lesa France Kennedy, CEO of International Speedway Corporation (ISC) has established herself as the most influential female in the business of sports. If Kennedy can do it, you can too.

Watch our Founder-Director, Mr.Nilesh Kulkarni share his perspective on “Women In Sports”.

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