IISM congratulates FBA for the success of FBC- Mumbai Edition

Published On: September 30, 2019

The Football Industry is witnessing tremendous upsurge internationally as well as in India. This sector is growing and transforming in itself. All of this leads to the Football sector demanding skilled professionals and leaders.

The Football Business Academy became education partners with the International Institute of Sports & Management with an aim to organize a two-and-a-half-day certification course- the Football Business Certificate. The FBC intends to train aspirants to become future leaders who will develop their business skills and network to stay on the top of their game in this competitive landscape. This synergy between the FBA and the IISM is notable as both institutions believe in contributing their best to the sporting landscape.

With utmost zeal, the FBC was set to sail at IISM campus on 21 September 2019. The event commenced with a great introductory session. The first speaker of the day, Dr. Erkut Sögüt LLM, agent of Mesut Özil (amongst others) and the co-founder of Football Agent Education began his session by sharing his life journey and experiences. He is a professor of ‘Agency & Intermediary’, who gave an unparalleled insight into the representation of a global superstar. Erkut is pushing the boundaries of football agency and as such, participants saw how negotiations, transfers and contracts operate at the highest level, but also how to meticulously plan a footballer’s career from start to finish (and beyond) including valuable advice on transforming players into brands themselves.

The participants, in the second session, bestowed knowledge from Daniel Geey, Sports Lawyer at Sheridans and an author, who is a professor of ‘Football Agency & Sports Law’. Participants gained an incredible insight into the inner-workings of transfers, contracts and all types of deals that can take place in the football world at the highest of levels. Whether it is explaining how the payment of transfers actually works, detailing some of the bizarre clauses put into player’s contracts, or even breaking down how clubs can afford superstars, Daniel shared insights on all the above and more! The day ended on a happy note where participants looked forward to the upcoming sessions.

Alfonso Roberes, Real Madrid C.F.- Former Head of International Sponsorships & Friendly matches, Tours and Players Image Rights, Exclusive Commercial Agent of Luka Modric, was the first speaker of day two of the FBC. He conducted a session on ‘Sponsorship and Marketing’ where participants had the exclusive chance to learn from a man who lived from the inside how Real Madrid C.F. used their internationalization and sponsorship strategies to become the world’s number one football brand.

The second speaker of the day, Steven Falk, Former Marketing Director- Manchester United, conducted a session on ‘Sponsorship and Marketing’. He shared his experience and imparted how clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea FC use powerful marketing strategies through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and the goal of increasing their fan bases and fan loyalty.

Matthieu Maignal, FBA professor of ‘Sponsorship & Marketing’ held the finale session where participants learned how a professional club can create a brand-new identity in a few years, drastically increasing the generated revenues through sponsorship and internationalization.

Moreover, Dr Erkut and Daniel Geey interacted with IISM students and imparted the best of knowledge from their end. The session was joyful and students had the best of their time. FBC created a conducive atmosphere to ensure utmost learning at the IISM Campus for two days. The FBC witnessed participants from countries like the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Hong Kong and different states across India. The event garnered tremendous responses and we, at IISM look forward to have a continuous association with the FBA.

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