SSAT Exam – The Complete Guide

Published On: October 7, 2022

Sports Science is an upcoming topic that is gaining a lot of attention from athletes and sporting organisations. Sports Science deals with the study of physiology, motor control, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology and biochemistry of an athlete. These factors help improve the game of the athlete and also enhance their performance. Sports Science in a nutshell is to apply these scientific factors to various sporting activities.

The shortfall of sports scientists in our country is a very serious issue and the latest example is our beloved athletes going abroad to treat their injuries or to get better help. We need to provide the same if only better world-class recovery facilities to our athletes. Since there is a scarcity of people opting for this course anyone interested to make a rewarding career in a field less opted in sports should get into the Sports Science industry.


However, institutes offering the best education in Sports Science are very scarce. To meet the increasing demand for sports scientists, IISM launched the ‘School of Sports Science’ and is offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Sports Science. These courses are curated under the guidance of leading industry experts and professionals and the degree is awarded by the University of Mumbai and GICED. To secure admission at IISM, you need to clear the entrance test – Sports Science Admission Test (SSAT).

Stick around till the end of this blog to learn more about the SSAT, the details of the exam and how to prepare for it.

Introduction of SSAT

SSAT is an online test that students have to appear for if they are eager to pursue a Bachelor of Sports Science (BSS) or Master of Sports Science (MSS) from IISM. The intent of conducting the SSAT is to understand the candidate’s liking & proclivity towards the world of sports and science.

The student will be tested on various aptitudes such as sports intellect, physics, chemistry & biology, verbal ability & reasoning, history of sports & its related laws and biomechanics, among others. The questions for BSS students will vary from the questions for MSS students.

Details of SSAT

SSAT total weightage: – 80 marks
Time duration: – 80 minutes
Number of questions: – 80
Sections for BSS students: – 5
Sections for MSS students: – 4

The subjects for BSS along with its weightage are given below:-

The subjects for MSS along with its weightage are given below: –

How to Prepare for SSAT?

  1. Apply for SSAT at the earliest so that you would have sufficient time to prepare for the exam
  2. Understand the entire syllabus and clear your doubts before you start preparing
  3. Solve previous year’s question papers to get an idea of what to expect during the exam
  4. Appear for the mock test
  5. Before you begin your SSAT preparation, remember to give yourself a pep talk. This would keep you inspired throughout your preparation period
  6. Revise again and again
  7. Stay calm, be determined and have a positive attitude
  8. Follow these steps and you can easily clear the SSAT.

For students appearing for SSAT, we wish you the very best!!! We are elated to see so many of you interested in joining our courses and learning about a field less explored. Keep in mind that SSAT is a means for you to enter the world of sports so you need to make the most of it and be better equipped to face the challenges of the sporting industry.

Once the student has cleared the SSAT, they are eligible for the next round of the admission process, i.e. the personal interview.

To know more about the admission process, Visit Admissions at IISM.

All the best!! See you soon at the IISM Campus!!!

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