Post Graduate Program in Sports Management- A Quick Entry Course into the Sporting World

Published On: August 8, 2022
Post Graduate Program in Sports Management - PGPSM

Are you a sports fanatic who loves to look at the minute details of the game and wonder how the managers organise spectacular sporting events with such ease?

Have you wondered how athletes or teams get sponsorships from different conglomerates? or who are the people who get these sponsorships for the athletes and the teams? The answer to these questions is explained in detail in this blog.

Sports management professionals are the experts who do all the work and ensure the sporting events are executed flawlessly. They work tirelessly, inspect minute details of the events, and devise strategies to overcome any problem thrown at them during the event. They can pull of such events because they are trained to handle and organise the events and are better equipped with the required skills needed by the industry. It is their skills, expertise, and dedication to ensure the matches are conducted on time that enhances the viewing experience for the fans.

With new leagues being introduced, there is a need for skilled sports management professionals. Since students have also realised it, they are also breaking the stereotype and enroling in undergraduate, postgraduate, and PGP courses in reputed sports management institutes to develop the skills. Since the industry welcomes everyone who is passionate to make a career in the sports industry with open arms, the chances of anyone making a successful career in sports management have increased remarkably.

Now you might wonder how one can become a sports management professional, especially if you have already graduated or have a post-graduate degree in any of the mainstream career choices. The answer is simple; enrol in IISM’s Post Graduate Program in Sports Management (PGPSM).

PGPSM is an 11-month autonomous course that acts as the perfect gateway for sports lovers to enter the spectacular world of sports. The course is curated under the guidance of industry experts and teaches ardent sports lovers how to make a successful career in the ever-changing world of sports.

Once a student enrolls in IISM’s PGPSM they will get in-depth learning and understanding of the sporting industry. They will also learn exciting subjects like sports management, sports marketing, sports law, sports analytics, sports sponsorships, sports public relations, financial management, and strategic management among others. These subjects better train the individual and help them learn about these management concepts but from a sports perspective.

This is the major difference between a general postgraduate program and a specialized postgraduate program in sports management. IISM will teach you all there is to learn about how to implement the learning of management into the world of sports. Since the duration of PGPSM is 11 months, the student gets exposure to the real-time sporting events happening across the country here at IISM within that short span of time.

When a student enrolls in PGPSM, they not only learn theoretical subjects of sports management but also get hands-on experience by working at prominent sporting ventures happening across the country. This gives them a better idea of what is needed from them when they graduate and are ready to take on the challenges of the sporting world. Some of our PGPSM students have gotten opportunities to intern at prominent sporting events across the country like IPL, Khelo India Games, etc.

The learning does not stop at getting internships at IPL, Khelo India Games, etc. After the completion of the course, the students also get excellent placement opportunities at India’s leading sporting organizations in both the private and the government sectors. This is the reason why PGPSM is opted by many as it helps students interested in learning about the sporting world get a better chance of exploring varied verticals of the sports industry.

The world of sports is so vast that some students might ask what career opportunities they can pursue after PGPSM. Some exciting career options one can pursue after PGPSM are: –

  1. Sports manager

  2. Sports analyst

  3. Sports event manager

  4. Sports lawyers

  5. Public relations manager among others.

Along with classroom learning, and on-ground practical learning, the student gets extensive opportunities to work on research reports and publish them in leading sports journals. IISM also organizes numerous guest and masterclass sessions with prominent sporting legends who explain in-depth the changing landscape of the sporting industry. The lessons students learn from these sessions will help them become better sports management professionals they aspire to become.

To get admission into our PGPSM course the candidate should clear our entrance test SMAT and must have completed their graduation in any field with 50% for open category & 45% for reserved category.

Post Graduate Program in Sports Management (PGPSM) is the ideal opportunity for aspiring sports lover to leave their mark on the sporting world.

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