10 Prominent Sports Companies in India 2022

Published On: August 18, 2022
Sports Companies in India

Sports as an industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Even during the pandemic, the industry operated and brought around ₹5894 Crore in 2020, and in 2021, it bounced back to ₹9530 Crore. The industry was able to achieve this because of the continuous effort of sports management professionals employed in the sports companies in India who planned and executed numerous sporting events. These sports management professionals are meticulous and ensure that events are executed flawlessly.

The professionals working at some of the biggest sports management companies in India offer numerous services to fans, such as booking sporting events tickets online, selling high-quality sports goods, arranging the travel and stay of fans who wish to see international matches, bringing in sponsorships for athletes & teams, and managing the athlete and team’s social media accounts. These highly trained professionals working at the top sports companies in India are the reason for the phenomenal growth of the sports industry.

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If you are wondering which are the top sporting companies in India that employ the best minds, stick around till the end because we have listed 10 top sports companies in India that every sports management professional should know about.

  • RISE Worldwide
  • JSW Sports
  • Disney Star
  • ITW Consulting
  • Procam International
  • Dream Sports
  • Decathlon
  • Cornerstone
  • TCM
  • Sportz Interactive

Prominent Sports Companies in India

1. RISE Worldwide

In 2010, Reliance, one of the largest companies in India collaborated with New York City-based company International Management Company and created a venture to promote and develop sports, entertainment & fashion in India. It was rebranded to RISE Worldwide in January 2021. RISE Worldwide provides numerous services such as consulting, licensing, events, athlete team management, broadcast production, talent representation & management and sponsorship management.

Website:- https://www.riseworldwide.in/

2. JSW Sports

The sports wing of the famous conglomerate JSW was established in 2012 to create a sporting culture in India. JSW Sports accomplished this goal by picking out the right talents and giving them chances to boost their potential. JSW Sports are the proud brand owners of Bengaluru FC in the Indian Super League, Haryana Steelers in Pro Kabaddi League and they also own Delhi Capitals of the Indian Premier League in partnership with GMR Sports Pvt. Ltd. Currently JSW Sports supports 49 athletes across four disciplines. They offer the athletes complete financial support and provide them with opportunities to get trained under the expertise of world-class coaches at Olympic training facilities.

Website:- https://www.jswsports.in/

3. Disney Star

Disney Star is a subsidiary owned by Walt Disney Company India. They run over 70 channels in eight languages and reach out to 9 out of 10 cable and satellite TV homes in India. Disney Star streams live matches and keep the fans updated about the recent developments in the world of sports in India.

Website:- https://www.disneystar.com/about-us/sports/

4. ITW Consulting

ITW consulting is a major sports management and sports consulting company in India. They specialize in formulating & implementing multi-faceted brand management, solutions & celebrity management across domains like sports, media & entertainment. They help their clients build strong brand visibility, put them in a position of authority, help their clients buy media rights, increase brand awareness and also help them reach a wider audience.

Website:- https://www.itwglobal.com/

5. Procam International

Established in 1988, the objective of Procam International is to elevate and enliven the professional face of sports and players. They offer countless services that are needed to conduct and execute events flawlessly. They are known to organize elite sporting events across the country. Their flagship event is the Tata Mumbai Marathon, which is the richest marathon in India and the largest marathon in Asia. Around 50,000 people participated in their flagship event in 2020, which is an impressive feat, to say the least.

Website:- https://www.procam.in/

6. Dream Sports

Founded in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. Dream Sports aim to ‘Make Sports Better’ for fans. Dream Sports has numerous companies working under its umbrella with a common goal of giving a better experience to sports fans, and they are as follows: –

  • Dream11 – Dream11 is the world’s largest fantasy sports platform with over 120 million users playing fantasy cricket, football, volleyball, hockey, rugby, basketball, futsal, American baseball & football. It is a flagship brand of India’s foremost sports technology company. Dream11 has standing partnerships with several major international sports bodies and cricketers.

Website:- https://www.dreamsports.group/dream11/

  • FanCode – FanCode is a flagship brand of Dream Sports that offers elite digital sports destinations. They are committed to giving the fans a customised experience of sports content, commerce and statistics.

Website:- https://www.dreamsports.group/fancode/

  • Dream Games Studios – Dream Game Studios is the game development division that develops next-gen realistic AAA sports mobile games. Their vision is to create engaging, visually stunning, and outstanding games that the players will connect to the most.
  • Dream Capital – Dream Capital is an M&A arm of Dream Sports that focuses on multi-stage start-ups specialising in the areas of sports tech, fitness and gaming.

Website:- https://www.dreamsports.group/dream-capital/

  • Dream Sports Foundation – The objective of the Dream Sports Foundation is to leave a lasting impact on the growth of sports in India. They also provide sustainable growth to deserving candidates, bodies, organisations and societies that work for the development of the sporting ecosystem in India.

Website:- https://www.dreamsports.group/dream-sports-foundation

  • DreamSetGo – The objective of DreamSetGo is to create a genuine platform for bespoke travel around global sporting events & celebrity experiences. They are the go-to choice for sports fans who want to travel internationally and watch matches with ease.

Website:- https://dreamsetgo.co/


7. Decathlon

Decathlon is one of the largest sports goods retailers in India and the world. They have over 1500 stores in 60 countries, and they manage the design, production, logistics, and distribution of sporting goods to sports consumers. With so many stores over the globe, they are in constant need of sports management professionals who are experts in retail, management, & distribution and have an idea of what is required by the customer.

Website:- https://www.decathlon.in/

8. Cornerstone

Cornerstone was founded in 2008 with an intention to provide distinctive and top-of-the-class solutions in celebrity association, sponsorships, brand activations, and IP development. Cornerstone is considered a leading talent management agency in the sports & entertainment domain. They manage athletes such as Virat Kohli, in addition to KL Rahul, Vinesh Phogat, Harmanpreet Kaur, Sunil Chhetri, etc.

Website:- https://cornerstone.in/

9. TCM

Founded in 1993, TCM (Twenty First Century Media Pvt. Ltd) was created with a vision to deliver quality content with its premier sports marketing efforts. They have worked with renowned sports federations and brands over the years to create a global image and build brand loyalty. They have managed the sponsorship of over 1500 cricket matches and this includes the IPL, Cricket World Cup & Asain Cup. They also handle the marketing of other sports such as hockey, kabaddi, football and many more.

Website:- https://tcm.co.in/

10. Sportz Interactive

Sportz Interactive is India’s major and foremost sports digital solutions company. They are the first sporting company that focuses on sports-related content and provide excellent technology solutions. Sportz Interactive was founded in 2002 and has now grown to a team of over 400 employees that cover more than 40 sports. Their work is predominately focused on data analytics, data visualization, web design & mobile products, innovating the gaming & social media sectors, content management & video solutions.

Website:- https://www.sportzinteractive.net/

So, these are the 10 prominent sports companies in India, that have helped numerous aspiring sports management professionals kickstart their careers. If you are also eager to work with these reputed companies and are looking at ways to enter the sports industry, you can start by registering for SMAT & SSAT at IISM and explore the diverse fields of sports management and sports science.

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