The Journey of Becoming a Media Manager – “Tips to Become a Successful Media Manager”

Ever since the commercialization of sports, it has become increasingly [...]

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Played every four years, Experienced once in a lifetime…….

My name is Reema Dsouza and I'm currently enrolled in the IISM's Post Graduate Program in Sports Management. Prior to pursuing my degree, I worked as a ‘Tour Consultant’ for group operations (Europe) for 3 years. However, I wanted to switch to a new field and that’s when I thought about pursuing sports management as a career.

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Sports Courses after 12th in India

Sports Management is a contemporary career option for sports lovers that gives them chance to look after business, management, and entrepreneurship of sports. People who have studies Sports Management can make different careers in Sports Industry. Fields like Sports Marketing, Media, Sports Operations, PR, Sports Law, Sports Event Management, and much more.

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Post Graduate Program in Sports Management- A Quick Entry Course into the Sporting World

Sports management professionals are the experts who do all the work and ensure the sporting events are executed flawlessly. They work tirelessly, inspect minute details of the events, and devise strategies to overcome any problem thrown at them during the event. They can pull of such events because they are trained to handle and organise the events and are better equipped with the required skills needed by the industry.

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How is Sports Management a Crucial Part of Today’s Sports Industry?

India is fast evolving as a sporting nation beyond the ones that it is known for over the years. Our forays into track and field, archery, tennis, golf and many other lesser-known sports is quite commendable. And fast-growing alongside this – is Sports Management!

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Sports Management Degree – Everything you need to know

Sports Management is a new-age career option for sports lovers that gives them opportunities to look after the business, management, and entrepreneurship side of sports. The study of Sports Management enables professionals to work across numerous verticals in Sports Industry like Sports Marketing, Media, PR, Sports Law, Sports Operations, Sports Event Management, and much more.

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Importance of Right Strategies to Keep Your Sporting Business Profitable

Globalization, the integrated internationalization of markets and organizations, has changed the way we do business. Jobs, knowledge, and capital are now able to move across borders with far greater speed and far less friction than was possible only a decade ago.

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