What to expect from the SMAT test as an postgraduate aspirant? ( MSM/ PGPS & WM )

Published On: December 27, 2018

SMAT – Sports Management Admission Test is an online entrance test to apply for admission at IISM.

The test is specially designed to cater to a very specific domain – i.e. sports management. The test focuses on candidate’s liking & awareness towards the sports industry & their acumen for the business side of sports.

Through this test, candidates shall be tested on their aptitude in Mathematics and English, with an emphasis on their interest and knowledge about the sporting ecosystem. SMAT comes with a 30% weightage for sports-related questions, even though the test focuses on Sports Awareness, it’s not just about Records or Sports Celebrities but about every aspect of the sporting ecosystem. Hence, students are expected to get acquainted with the sports industry as a whole.

As a postgraduate aspirant, the test will consists of 120 questions.

Duration: 2 hours.

The sectional breakup for the questions is as below:

Area MSM/PGPS & WM No of Questions
Section 1 Quantitative Analysis 20
Section 2 Data Interpretation
Logical Reasoning
Section 3 Verbal Ability
Verbal Reasoning
Reading Comprehension
Section 4 Sports Awareness 35
Total 120

The detailed breakup for a better understanding is below:

Quantitative Analysis Number of Questions
Numeric calculation 10
Fractions 3
Ratio/ Percentage 3
Word problems 4
Data Interpretation Number of Questions
Table 3
Pie chart
Line graph
Bar graph
Logical Reasoning Number of Questions
Arrangements 9
Family tree/Sequene 4
Single questions/ Misc 3
Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension Number of Questions
Synonyms and Antonyms 4
Grammar 5
Analogy/ Preposition 6
Reading comprehension 6
Verbal Reasoning Number of Questions
Syllogism 4
Inference/ Conclusion based questions 3
Strong Arguments / Weak Arguments 3
Course of Action /Decision Making 4

Watch the detailed test dissection, here

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