2023 Specialised UG Degree in Sports Management or General BBA – Which is Right for Your Future?

Published On: May 17, 2023
Sports Management Degree

Let’s clear up your confusion.

If you just want to work in the sports sector, a specific UG degree in sports management is the one you must pursue at all costs. However, if you don’t have a particular taste for the field in which you’re employed, you can opt for a general management degree.

A Sports Management Degree, as opposed to a General Business Degree, will help you get into the sports sector more swiftly.

That being said, let’s now uncover why this is the ideal time for any sports lover to enter the sports industry and why a sports management degree is a far better choice than a general Business management degree.

The Sports Industry in a Nutshell

Over the past decade, the rise of the sports industry has been staggering. Did you know that the revenue generated by the sports industry in 2013 was ₹4381 cr?

Cut to 2022, the revenue generated has grown three times to ₹14209 cr.

Even during the pandemic, the sports industry hit a few bumps but never came to a complete halt. The successful execution of the IPL in 2020 and 2021 amidst the pandemic proves the resilience of the sports industry. But have you ever wondered, even with everyone indoors, who were the ones organizing and executing a mega event like the IPL? The credit goes to none other than trained and expert sports management professionals. They have worked relentlessly behind the scenes to ensure the sports industry works like a well-oiled machine.

And do you know the main reason they could do their work with such finesse?

It is because of the years of learning and expertise they have gained after receiving a formal education in sports management.

Students who have received a formal education in sports management are able to understand the internal operations of the sports industry better than someone who has pursued a general business degree. Now you might wonder why that is.

The reason is that the sports management curriculum teaches aspirants about the managerial and business aspects specific to the sports industry. Whereas, in general management, the students are taught concepts that are not specific to any particular industry.

This is why students who pursue sports management always have the added advantage of making a good career early on in the sports industry. So, if you too want to make the most of it, this blog is a must-read because we have covered extensively why a specialised UG degree in sports management is the right choice for you.

Know more Career in Sports Management

What is Sports Management, and why must you pursue it?

Sports management is a specialised branch that oversees the business, marketing, planning, and execution of the sporting world. It encompasses a wide range of activities such as sports marketing, sports media and broadcasting, sports retail, sports tourism, sports sponsorships, sports PR, sports law, athlete, team and league management, event management, fan engagement, and many more.

The ones working in these domains are sports management professionals, and they are the ones helping to drive the growth of the sports industry.

The primary reason why it makes sense for a sports lover to enter this world is that the sports industry is rapidly evolving, which means you get to explore exciting career options. The subsequent reason is that athletes who are just into sports get a chance to develop their business and organisational skills and continue working in a field that they are passionate about.

Finally, sports management professionals will be equipped with skills and knowledge that can be applied to a vast number of industries, not just sports. Skills such as leadership, strategic planning, and teamwork are valuable in all industries, making sports management a profitable degree choice.

Bachelor of Sports Management

What is the difference between a Sports Management Degree and a General Management degree?

Both degrees teach students the basic concepts of business and management principles, but there are some key differences that set them apart.

1. Curriculum

The subjects taught under the general management degree are economics, accounting, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, etc.

In sports management, the curriculum consists of subjects such as sports management, sports marketing, sports law, sports economics, and sports financial management, with a specialization in management or coaching. The curriculum also includes volunteer and internship opportunities, so you get hands-on experience working in sports.

2. Job Opportunities

After pursuing a general management degree, you can work as a teacher, a banker, a consultant, etc., and get into career fields such as accounting, marketing, management, etc.

Whereas in sports management, you can work as a sports marketing manager, business development officer, sports lawyer, sports event manager, sports journalist, sports analyst, sports agent, sports team manager, and many more. With these career options and more, you can work for sporting organisations, coaching centers, event management companies, etc.

3. Skills

A general management degree will teach you how to work wonders with numbers, money, and marketing strategies. Students who learn general management are also taught how to operate in a team, organize tasks, work on tight schedules, and meet deadlines.

However, sports management teaches you how to lead, plan, organize, execute, and motivate people to work towards achieving a common goal. You develop leadership skills and become a great analytical thinker and decision-maker. You also improve your people skills because the flawless execution of sporting events and sponsorship deals requires you to get the job done on time.

To conclude, both degrees provide valuable business and management skills, but the objectives of pursuing the courses are different.

A specialised UG degree in sports management is the perfect course for someone who wants to make a career only in the sports industry.

In contrast, a general Business degree is for someone who does not have such a set preference and is open to working in a broad range of industries.

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