Sports Management Degree – Everything you need to know

Published On: November 22, 2021
Sports Management Degree

Sports Management is a new-age career option for sports lovers that gives them opportunities to look after the business, management, and entrepreneurship side of sports. The study of Sports Management enables professionals to work across numerous verticals in Sports Industry like Sports Marketing, Media, PR, Sports Law, Sports Operations, Sports Event Management, and much more.

After all, the size of the Indian Sports Industry in 2020 is estimated at INR 5894 Crore (Source: India Sports Sponsorship Report 2021 by Group M, ESP Properties).

Sports Management Degree

The field welcomes sports lovers from diverse backgrounds. All that matters for an aspirant to make a career in Sports Management is to have a sheer passion for sports.

Here are a few most asked questions pertaining to Sports Management degrees that we’d wish to answer for future Sports Management professionals as they decided to begin with their journey in the field:

What degree do you need to pursue to become a Sports Management professional?

Individuals on the under-graduate level can study Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management whereas graduates can opt for either Master’s Degree in Sports Management or specialized Post Graduate Programs.

A formal Sports Management degree pursued from a recognized institute opens multiple avenues for aspirants in the field.

Bachelor’s Degree are mostly of a three-year tenure whereas Master’s are of two years and PGP up to a year. Graduates willing to pursue a Master’s or PGP can hail from any educational background. It isn’t mandatory for aspirants to hail from a specific stream to study Master’s or PGP in Sports Management. Subjects in the courses involve everything from the basics of Sports Management to numerous verticals pertaining to the field.

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What are the careers one can make in the field of Sports Management?

Just like other industries, sports too have diverse verticals for aspirants to carve a career for themselves. You name a liked field and it exists in the Sports Industry. As the sports industry in India is thriving exponentially, we are witnessing numerous reforms being introduced by our government for the betterment of the sector. Individuals can choose to join Sports Management organizations, sporting events like the IPL, ISL, PKL or can aspire to work at Federations or esteemed bodies within the ambit of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Some of the Sports Management verticals, where careers could be made, are as follows:


Careers in Sports Management

  • Team, League & Athlete Management
  • Venue Management
  • Managing Associations & Federations
  • Handling the Operations & Logistics
  • Sports Grassroots Development – Identifying & Nurturing Talent
  • Handling Media & Communications Outfit of a Team
  • Sports Event Management
  • Business Development, Sales
  • Digital Marketing &
  • Sports Data Analytics
  • Sports Retail
  • Sports Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Sports Law
  • Sports Coaching

Five reasons you should begin with carving a career for yourself in the Sports Industry

What majors go well with sports management?

Majors pertaining to any field would go well with Sports Management. As the field areas in Sports Management is vast, there is space for all aspirants to carve a path of their own in the industry. In case, if you are an engineer or an arts graduate, you can still choose to study Sports Management. To mention a few, one can go for BA, B.Tech, Mass Media, Psychology, Medical, etc.

Is a degree in Sports Management worth it?

It is a simple answer; yes! At 15%, the Indian Sports Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world (Source: DataPOWA). As a country pertaining to sports, we are only moving forward and with a good success rate. The Government of India and the Ministry of Youth Affairs of Sports are putting in tremendous efforts for the development of the sector. As we say, sport is a field that welcomes everyone; all that matters for individuals to have is sheer passion for sports.

On average, fees of a Sports Management degree may cost aspirants approximately 2.5 lakh per year. A formal education would very well acquaint you with the sector and its functioning and would prepare you to manage the business and backend of it.

Sports is a dream career for many and truly, the field has a lot to offer to the ones who really wish to contribute immensely to the sector with their talent and perseverance. A formal education in Sports Management will equip you to take tasks and execute them successfully while working at numerous fronts in the sector.

For those who wish to become a Sports Management professional, this is the correct time for them to begin working towards their dream. Begin to walk towards your dream path by studying at the institute which pioneered Sports Management education in India and is a proud recipient of Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar for Development For Sports- International Institute of Sports Management.

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Wishing all the future Sports Management professionals, the best!

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