Sports Entrepreneurship : Facilitating Growth!

Published On: August 28, 2018

Entrepreneurship is breeding in India. Today, thousands of youths are paving their paths towards entrepreneurship following their passion and generating profits out of it. Entrepreneurship has entered a number of realms of the economy and certainly, Sports sector hasn’t been any different. What seemed unimaginable a decade ago is now a reality. Sensing the growth prevailing in this sphere- small, medium and large-scale entrepreneurship projects have begun to expand, leading to infusing a sporting culture within our country.

Look around & you shall notice some really good examples- whether it’s the successful advent of Pune based website- a startup that focuses on bringing together football clubs, academies, players, coaches, associations and fans onto a single platform with 5,000 users, more than 500 clubs, 200 academics in just 3 months; or organisations like Sportz Consult which help in advising sponsors towards a good sporting investment; or a company like EduSports that ventured into sports education and coaching; and the list goes on and on. The kind of impact these projects steer into the sports ecosystem is pretty huge.

Adding a cherry to the cake, is an increase in employment opportunities along with the development of a sporting culture. Fetching innovative ideas for the betterment of sports through their entrepreneurial dreams, ultimately aids in development.Here are several ways in which entrepreneurs are positively contributing –


More often than not athletes have always preferred personalized services. The requirement of each athlete is different and cannot be generalized. Here, these ventures play a key role. With an increasing number of entrepreneurs making the most out this need, athletes can now be assured about the commercial aspect of sports while they focus on their game. The recent deal of Hima Das with Infinity Optimal Solutions- a sports management firm serves as the best example.


One cannot think of sports without investing in safety. Entrepreneurship now is giving primary importance to it. In order to ensure that creative solutions are found for the problems, the businesses are stepping in and figuring out innovative & sustainable ways to tackle safety related issues.


The correlation between sports and entrepreneurship is what thrives throughout. It is a team effort. Giving the best to your athlete so that he/she manages to bring out the best in himself/herself is where the prime focus is. Both the parties are eventually contributing to the development of sports in the country.


Some of the small-scale startups are attempting to build a strong community of those who have an inclination towards sports. This whole development of the community is influencing non-sports fans to indulge in it which is indeed creating a movement.

Entrepreneurship is definitely blooming& there’s a phenomenal growth lying ahead, what’ll be interesting to see is the ripple effect it’ll be having on the sporting ecosystem as a whole.

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