ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, from an administrator’s eye: A report

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is one of those tournaments that India will always cherish. It was an event which is a classic example of nitty gritties of Sports Management. For the first time, the personality behind the smooth functioning of the tournament, Prof. Ratnakar Shetty, has documented his experience as an administrator for WC 2011.
The report, ‘Cricket World Cup 2011’ is documented by Prof. Ratnakar Shetty, BCCI- Chief Administrative Officer from 2006 to 2012, along with three students of International Institute of Sports Management namely, Ms. Neha Bhatnagar, Mr. Naman Shah and Mr. Krishnadev Roy under the guidance of Mr. Amitava Pal, Associate Dean of IISM.

This report is indeed a good referral for students, future administrators and Sports Management professionals. It covers elements like:

  • Organizing the CWC 2011
  • Protocol behind the host nation
  • Allotment of CWC matches in India
  • Manpower used for the tournament
  • Semi-Finals: India vs Pakistan
  • The Finals
  • Challenges: Before and After World Cup
  • Learning
  • Note for future administrators


Prof. Ratnakar Shetty, BCCI- Chief Administrative Officer from 2006 to 2012, Member of the CoA- Hyderabad Cricket Association, the Convener of the Uttarakhand Cricket Consensus Committee and a member of Editorial Board, Sports Academia Research Journal (SARJ).

Mr. Nilesh Kulkarni, Founder Director- IISM, Former Indian Test Cricketer

Ms. Rasika Kulkarni, Co-Founder- IISM

Mr. Amitava Pal, Associate Dean- Head of Academics and Chair Research Committee- IISM