A Study on Squash in India (Knowledge Report by IISM)

A Study on Squash in India

In India, Squash is considered as a recreational sport. However, the sport is experiencing an evolution as the Squash Rackets Federation of India is taking immense efforts to uplift it. With improvement in infrastructure required for the sport, coaching facilities and resources, decent participation, recent successes, India can be hopeful of a bright future in this field.

The report, ‘A study of Squash in India’ by International Institute of Sports Management covers each aspect and the areas of concern regards to the sport. It covers an array of points like:

  • Participation rate in the sport
  • Infrastructure in the sport
  • Coaching scenario in the country
  • Competition structure
  • Career Options
  • Future plans

The objective of this report is to give a proper insight of the previous and contemporary scenario of Squash in our country which will help to comprehend the efforts required for it to thrive soon which will further contribute to the Indian sporting ecosystem.


Mr. Amitava Pal (Associate Dean at IISM)


Mr. Mustafa Sapatwala (Head- Academics at IISM)

Mr. Devendra Prabhudesai (Head- Corporate Relations and Research Associate at IISM)

Mr. Pawan Verma

Mr. Anuj Dahiya

Mr. Prashant Tayde

Mr. Kevin Talati

Mr. Sagar Dubey

Mr. Anil PS