How to get admission at IISM (MSM & PGPS & WM) ?

Published On: December 21, 2018

IISM’s post graduate program offerings, i.e Master of Sports Management & Post graduate program in sports & Wellness management, aims at developing world class leaders who can handle and manage their roles with an understanding of the practices, strategies and the fundamentals of the sporting ecosystem and the scopes in the related sector by instilling the necessary business and leadership skills.

The program gives you an overview of the sport management industry and how sport is delivered in India by providing a strong foundation in understanding the sport business combined with the unique knowledge and skills required by sport managers.

So, how to secure admission at IISM?

Know The Admission Process:

The stringent admission process at IISM aids in thorough scrutiny and has been specifically designed to accommodate students who can be transformed into astute thought leaders, ready to take on the challenges of the sports corporate world, both in India and abroad.

It comprises of 3 rounds that facilitate in understanding the candidate’s liking & awareness towards the sports industry & their acumen for the business side of sports.

  • Round 1: Applying Through the SMAT

SMAT – Sports Management Admission Test is an online entrance test to apply for admission at IISM.

The test is specially designed to cater to a very specific domain – i.e. sports management. The test focuses on candidate’s liking & awareness towards the sports industry & their acumen for the business side of sports.

Inorder to know the selection and eligibility criteria, click here.

In order to know more and apply for SMAT, click here.

Applying Through MAH-CET

Post-Graduate aspirants can apply with MAH-CET scores, keeping the following criteria in mind:

Candidate must have obtained 55 percentile (Open category) and 45 percentile (Reserved Category), in the MAH-CET test, to get a waiver from appearing for the SMAT test.

The application process is no different than the regular one, the only difference here is that the first step of applying becomes registering through MAH-CET scores.

The candidates shall be shortlisted to qualify for the next round, i.e. SoP submission.

  • Round 2: SoP Submission

On successfully completing Round 1, candidates are qualified for the Round 2 that requires them to submit a “Statement Of Purpose (SoP)” for joining the post graduate program at IISM. A questionnaire will be provided to the shortlisted candidates to write the SoP.

While the SMAT test score or the candidate’s resume help an interviewer in understanding their past achievements, it doesn’t suffice the need of scrutinising their interest and need for the management degree, especially in sports management.

The SoP document thus supports the interviewer in clearly assessing candidate’s career goals and their purpose of pursuing this course.

It’s essential for a candidate to strike a good balance between their technical abilities and the managerial potential to work in this field. Read more about how to write an effective SoP here.

The candidates shall be shortlisted to qualify for the next round, i.e. personal interview.

  • Round 3: Personal Interview

On successfully completing Round 1 & 2, candidates are further called for a personal round of interview to assess their skills, knowledge & passion for the degree they wish to build a career with.

It is a critical step in the admissions process, aimed at knowing a candidate more intimately – assessing their clarity of thoughts & future goals. It facilitates evaluation of candidate’s interpersonal and soft skills.

The personal interview represents a prime opportunity to put a face and personality to the name and credentials on candidate’s score, application form and the submitted SoP, and also helps the candidates to express their academic, personal, and professional accomplishments, experiences, and intentions of joining the course. Read more about what to expect at the PI round & how to crack it, here.

On conducting each round of SMAT-SoP-PI, a final list of selected candidates will be published on the IISM website including the waiting list.

The selected candidates will be also receive an offer letter from the institute to join.

From the date of sending the letter, the candidate will be given 15 days to pay the fees to block their seats, which would be on a first-come-first served basis. After 15 days the waiting lists’ candidates will be informed and they will also be offered 15 days to pay the fees.

Click here to watch the video.

Throughout the process, if there’s any queries or doubts, each of our counsellors can be reached at:

Here’s wishing you good luck for all your future endeavours!

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