How to Crack SSAT Exam 2023?

Published On: December 22, 2022
How to crack ssat exam?

Congratulations on selecting a career path you love!

As you have landed on this page, it is evident that you have made up your mind to pursue a Sports Science Degree from IISM.

Kudos to this decision. We know that you are eager to learn more about the Sports Science Admission Test (SSAT), which will be explained in detail in this blog.

This blog will focus on some of the most asked questions like; What is SSAT? What is the syllabus for SSAT? and How to prepare for SSAT? We have answered these questions in an extremely thorough way. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

What is SSAT?

SSAT – Sports Science Admission Test is an online entrance test to apply for the Bachelor of Sports Science & Master of Sports Science at International Institute of Sports & Management (IISM).


SSAT is conducted by IISM to identify potential aspirants, who are eager to learn more about how to better incorporate the learning from science into the field of sports. It is a test that is conducted based on scientific domain knowledge and sports awareness. The candidates will be evaluated based on the agility of their minds to adapt to the changing dynamics of the sports science sector.

SSAT is conducted online and the candidates can give the exam right from the comfort of their homes.

Let us dig deeper into the syllabus of SSAT.

SSAT Exam Syllabus

SSAT is an 80 marks entrance test conducted for 80 minutes. In those 80 minutes, you’d have to answer 80 questions and the questions will be asked from the
following verticals of the sporting industry: –

For students applying for our Bachelor of Sports Science course, the verticals are as follows: –

Logical reasoning & verbal ability- 20 marks
Sports intellect- 16 marks
Physics- 16 marks
Chemistry- 12 marks
Biology-16 marks

For students applying for our Master of Sports Science course, the verticals are as follows: –

Logical reasoning- 20 marks
History of Sports/Acts/Laws (General Knowledge)- 20 marks
Human Anatomy/Physiology/ Biomechanics- 20 marks
Verbal Ability/Verbal Reasoning- 20 marks

How to Prepare for SSAT?

1. Create a schedule

2. Download the sample paper

3. Stay updated with current affairs in sports

4. Answer the questions you know first

5. Don’t leave any questions unanswered

6. Attend the mock exam

How to Prepare for SSAT EXAM

Below are some ways to prepare for SSAT, with advice from test-prep experts.

1. Create a schedule

This point may seem very obvious, but it becomes very easy to clear SSAT once you create a schedule and adhere to it. When creating a schedule, start by jotting down the SSAT date. Once you have confirmed your SSAT date, you can then start by segregating the topics and studying the subjects for at least 2-3 hours a day.

Know more about the IISM SSAT dates.

2. Download the sample paper and study material

The best part of clearing SSAT is that we give you the study material to prepare on the different topics of SSAT. The sample paper is available on the website and you can download the study material from the dashboard after registering. Thoroughly practising the sample papers will help you get an idea of what is SSAT. This will help you understand the type of questions that were asked in the previous rounds of SSAT.

3. Stay updated with current affairs in sports

You need to brush up on your basics of Class XII- Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Since there is a dedicated type of question related to the History of Sports/Acts/Laws(General Knowledge) & Sports intellect, it is recommended to stay updated with current developments in the sporting world.

4. Answer the questions you know first

When you are giving the exam, always make it a point to answer the question that you know at the beginning. This will save some crucial time and help you focus on the difficult questions afterwards.

5. Do not leave any questions unanswered

The biggest reason why we advise you to not leave any questions unanswered is that there is no negative marking. So even if your answer is wrong, you won’t lose the marks you’ve gained by answering the right ones.

6. Attend the mock exam and be better prepared

You can give one mock exam before appearing for the final SSAT exam. So be better prepared for it. Also, when you attend the mock exam, you will get an idea of what types of questions are asked and how much time it will take for you to clear the exam. You can also view how well you have performed in the mock test as we display your marks at the end of the mock test.

This was a gist about everything you need to know about how to crack SSAT. You can get access to detailed SSAT study material from your dashboard after registering for SSAT.

If you haven’t yet registered for SSAT, Apply Now For SSAT Exam.

In case of any doubts feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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