Foundation Week 2019-20: Day Two and Three

Published On: August 22, 2019
Foundation Week

IISM warmly welcomed the students of the Bachelor of Sports Management, Master of Sports Management and Post Graduate Program in Sports and Wellness Management for the academic year 2019-20. The institute organized the ‘Foundation Week 2019-20’ at Hotel Rangsharda Auditorium, Bandra, with an aim to introduce the newly admitted students with different areas and aspects of this emerging sector. After all, the objective was to prepare them from the day one itself so that they become successful professionals in the coming time.

The inaugural of the Foundation Week 2019-20 was a sure-shot-hit and students were looking forward for the upcoming sessions. IISM invited proficient sports industry professionals as speakers to address the newly admitted ones so that they are ignited with the valuable insights of the guests.

Guest speakers for Day 2

  • Mr. Rishikesh Joshi, Founder- Sports For All
  • Mr. Tarun Chauhan, Experienced advertising, content, production, marketing and talent management professional.
  • Mr. Unmesh Joshi, Director Projects- Responsible Netism

Guest speakers for Day 3

  • Mr. Rajat Garg, Master Certified Coach, Mentor Coach, Leadership Coach, Coach-To-Transformation
  • Mr. Jay Shah, Co-founder- Sports Gurukul
  • Ms. Harshada Rajyadhaksh, Founder and Owner of Prakruti Sports Science & Clinic
Mr. Mustafa Saptawala, Head of Academics- IISM and Mr. Amit Gupte COO- IISM

Session for Day 2 was initiated by Mr. Amit Gupte COO- IISM and Mr. Mustafa Saptawala, Head of Academics- IISM. They briefed students regarding the handbook as students need to know the rules and regulations as well as do’s and don’ts for their duration in the institution.

Mr. Rishikesh Joshi, Founder- Sports For All

Mr. Rishikesh Joshi, Founder- Sports For All, discussed Sports Entrepreneurship with students. He is the founder of a multi-sporting program that operates in 25 disciplines and hopes to put the country on the global sporting map. He enlightened the students on how important is to have grassroot development for the sports ecosystem and how it would contribute to the sports arena.

Mr. Tarun Chauhan

In the second half, Mr. Tarun Chauhan conducted a session on ‘career opportunities in sports.’ He enlightened the students by elaborating the value of brands, quoting, “Brands are not built by dealer margin, they are built by respect. If you want to build a brand, the consumer has to respect you.” He had an interactive session full of amusement and students enjoyed it thoroughly.

Mr. Unmesh Joshi

Mr. Unmesh Joshi was the last speaker on day two of Foundation week. He discussed about Responsible Netism and the importance of sensitizing netizens and their internet behaviour. He closely works with cyber laws and law enforcement agencies of various countries and passionately spoke about the legal implications of irresponsible online behaviour to the newly admitted ones.

Corporate Relation Team

Day three of the Foundation Week 2019 began with Corporate Relations team addressing the students. The team explained the students on participation in live sporting events, internships, placements and also on research report.

Shilpa Borkar, Assistant Director- Garware Institute

Shilpa Borkar, Assistant Director- Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, motivated students on beginning a new journey. She motivated and inspired the students about academics and the various opportunities to grab post the BSM & MSM program. Also, she lauded IISM for combining classroom and practical education.

Mr. Rajat Garg

Mr. Rajat Garg, Master Certified Coach, Coach-To-Transformation, conversed about Cross-cultural etiquettes & Professional Communication to the students. He also emphasised on the fact that in order to avoid cultural differences, one must accept people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. He also urged the students to understand that the sports industry is full of diverse people and they should consider every individual and their perception with a positive attitude.

Mr. Jay Shah, Co-Founder- Sports Gurukul Pvt Ltd

Mr. Jay Shah, Co-Founder- Sports Gurukul Pvt Ltd, talked through the topic- Grassroot and Sports. He inspired the students by sharing various essential insights of the sports fraternity. He also spoke about his passion and love for sports that drove him to enter the field of sports in 2011, which lead to the formation of the 1st private Grassroot Sports company in the country and also quoted that ‘The grassroots program is more foundational. It is an early introduction to sports for a human being’.

Dr. Harshada Rajyadhaksh

Dr. Harshada Rajyadhaksh, discussed the significance about Physical Literacy & Fitness and inspired the students to bounce back in life by sharing her own life story and personal experiences. Also, she motivated the students to be pessimistic in life and that the power of positivity and visualization is foremost essential.

The day ended with IISM representatives announcing ring football tournament between the newly admitted ones and current students of the institute.

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