Activities by IISM’s Student Life Cell for 2020-21 kickstarts

Published On: November 23, 2020
IISM Students

A blog on activities organized on IPL Finale & Live Screening by Student Life Cell students & Cell Head

Words by Students:

With the spread of virus being declared a global issue and our country going into a lockdown on 24th March, conducting the IPL was a distant and if not, an impossible dream. However, as the word itself says- I’m possible, IPL 2020 was organized, played and eventually concluded on the 10th of November in the most magnificent way possible.

Apart from the roars of the crowds and pretty dance routines of the cheerleaders, everything else associated with the IPL were on place- be it the thrill, nail- biting moments and not to forget, the Mumbai Indians v/s Kings XI Punjab clash that concluded with a ‘Super-Duper Over’!

IISM Student

We at IISM too joined the bandwagon and experienced the thrill and euphoria.

> The members of the Student Life Cell planned, organized and successfully accomplished witnessing the live screening of the IPL Finals played between the eventual winners Mumbai Indians and the Delhi Capitals.

> The team members were apprised of their respective roles to be carried out during the match.

> The pre- and post-Toss Discussions and Debates, Expert Panel Discussions, Knowledgeable Quizzes, Strategic Timeout Activities and Innings Break Activities were conducted with perfection by the Volunteering Club Members who wholly aimed at – ‘Making the event a success’.

> The excitement in every SLC member was palpable as they all conversed online, discussed and rehearsed the flow of events so that there were no glitches during the Final match.

IISM Student

Here’s a list of winners from the events organized:

Events Winners Batch & Division
Manager of the Playoffs Vignesh FYBSM – C
Manager of the Finals Jatan Mavani SYBSM – B
Manager of the Finals – 2nd Place Ankur Dua FYBSM – A
Quiz King Lupin Jain FYMSM – A
Quiz King Pravesh Mandawara FYMSM – A
Commentator of the Day Adithya Gupta FYBSM – A

Having pulled off the live screening event successfully, the team members are now all geared up and raring for the subsequent event.

IISM Student

From Cell Head’s Perspective:

As the IPL season began, Indians and cricket lovers all over the world were finally relieved that the Covid Pandemic didn’t make us miss our favorite league in 2020. Indians absolutely love Cricket. The students of International Institute of Sports Management (IISM) are no exception to this.

Mr. Nishad Pai Vaidya

This was the perfect opportunity for student engagement activities to kickoff at IISM. IISM’s Student Life Cell 2020 planned an elaborate Fantasy League for the IPL Playoffs & the Finals. It is no surprise that we had a whopping 128 teams of students participating from the institute. As sports fans who like playing Fantasy Sports, we all would agree on multiple things:

  • Fantasy sports is a game of skill.

It tests analytical thinking and is a perfect example of an optimization problem. This exemplifies how Management Skills are extremely critical in the domain of Sports. It puts your decision-making skills to the test.

  • Fantasy sports is very competitive.

(I’m sure our 128 participants will agree on that)
As sports lovers, competing keeps us excited. We welcome competition. Our 128 participants were up for the challenge.

  • Deadlines are important.

If you miss a deadline and forget to submit your team in the competition, you miss out.
This puts your skill of time management (which is extremely important in sports) to the test.

  • Fantasy League is so much fun!

These are the precise reasons that encouraged us at the Student Life Cell to conduct a Fantasy League. It is a fun activity that helps us improve our skills.

The students in the organizing committee put their best foot forward. They collaborated remotely with their teammates and multiple stakeholders. Planning, time management, budgeting, organization skills, multitasking and creativity is what we focused on as a team. Passion is what drives our students and we at IISM provide the vehicle. We’re grooming tomorrow’s leaders in the Sports Industry and my team at the Student Life Cell will bear testament to that.

Written by Students from Student Life Cell- IISM & Ms. Nicole D’Silva- Head- Student Life Cell & Assistant Professor at IISM

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