Survey Report On Niti Aayog’s Guidelines For Fantasy Sports

Sports in India is in upward surge. Not only indoor and outdoor sports are getting more participation, online gaming has become the new trend. The Covid 19 has boosted the online gaming a big way. Online Fantasy Sports Platforms (OFSPs) is experiencing a steep rise and expected to have over 100 million users in India by the end of 2020, a figure which has increased by over 25 times compared to the year 2016 (Economic Times). These OFSPs are a part of an ever-expanding fantasy sports industry in the country and have the potential to contribute GST revenue of INR 3000 Crore to INR 3500 Crore over the next 5 years, according to a PWC India Report.

Furthermore, direct and indirect employment within the fantasy sports industry is expected to create around 12000 jobs in the next 3 years. The sports industry has also enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the fantasy sport industry, as evidenced by the increased viewership numbers of domestic and international sporting competitions, with Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi being the biggest beneficiaries.

This Survey Report on Niti Aayog’s Guidelines For Fantasy Sports by International Institute of Sports Management cover topics like:

Executive Summary
Background of Fantasy Sports Guidelines
General Review of Guidelines
Stakeholder’s View Point

Mr. Amitava Pal, Associate Dean, Report Guide

Industry Experts:
Dr. Rushindra Sinha, CEO & Founder, Global Esports
Mr. Rahul Hinduja, Chief Operations Officer, Global Esports

Team IISM:
Mr. Mustafa Sapatwala, Head Academics
Ms. Nicole D’silva, Assistant Professor
Mr. Bhavesh Singh, Senior Manager Corporate Relations
Mr. Sandeep Dalvi, Design Team

Students Team:
Mr. Bhushan Ashish Malani
Mr. Jaskanwar Singh Bhangu
Mr. Ritesh Sambhaji Patil
Mr. Shrikrishna Purohit