Diving in Sports Tourism in India

Diving in Sports Tourism in India

Sports Tourism is carving a niche for itself in the Indian tourism industry, attracting many adventurers to grab lights to India. The cultural, geographic and historical diversities ensure that there are a large number of activities to take part in all over the country for e.g., skiing in the Himalayas, boating and other water sports in the Bay of Bengal, adventure sports in the north east, etc.

Sports are an investment in the tourism industry as they create an influx of foreign exchange and help facilitate economic growth. Sports tourism has been evolving rapidly over the past 5 years, people are now willing to go to another country to witness mega sporting events, and a large number of tour operators are utilizing this desire and curating specific packages and tours around these events. Sports tourism is witnessing 10-12% growth as Indians are more inclined than ever for sports tourism. Sports and tourism professionals are realizing the significant potential of this arena and are pursuing the market aggressively.

The report focuses on:

  • Business of Sports Tourism in India
  • Awareness of Sports Tourism
  • Brand Awareness & Companies involved
  • Social Impact of Sports Tourism
  • Technological/ Legal/ Environmental effects
  • India vs abroad
  • Scope
  • Effects of Covid pandemic on Sports Tourism


Mr. Amitava Pal, Associate Dean- IISM


Mr. Mustafa Sapatwala, Head- Academics

Mr. Bhavesh Singh, Sr. Manager- Corporate Relations and Faculty -Project Guide


Mr. Sandeep Dalvi


Mr. Prathamesh Palshikar

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