3 Years full time


Must have completed Class XII with a minimum aggregate of 40% in all the subjects.

Make a fulfilling career in sports while you play

BSM - Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management

Discover the power behind the game with our Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management (BSM). Learn how to orchestrate the magic of sports behind the scenes, shaping the industry’s future. Uncover your passion for sports administration and make an impact in today’s dynamic sports landscape.

This course immerses you in the core of sports broadcasting in media, sponsorship, journalism, event management, data analytics and many more aspects of the sports industry. This path equips you with the skills to navigate the business side of sports effectively. This path equips you with the skills to navigate the business side of sports effectively.

Our bachelor degree’s curriculum is prepared as per the National Education Policy 2020. The course gives students an option to not only study the core subject but also select subjects of their choice from the open electives like sports psychology, sports journalism, sports product innovation, sports entrepreneurship, digital marketing in sports, sports nutrition and retail management in sports.

IISM’s Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management:

The Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management (BSM) at IISM is a meticulously crafted program, designed to equip you with a dual specialization in Management and Coaching, ensuring a holistic preparation for the sports industry.


This pathway delves into the core of sports management, addressing administrative tasks, strategic planning, and operational management across various sports ventures. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the business side of sports, including finance, marketing, management, law, and other critical areas, preparing you for the strategic aspects of sports management.



Here, you’ll build a strong foundation in the practical aspects of sports. This includes an in-depth exploration of technology, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and strategic direction, equipping you with the skills to excel in on-field dynamics and coaching roles.

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A Program Designed for the Modern Sports Ecosystem


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Experience Campus Life Where Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Embark on a journey with a program that’s not just a course, but a recognition of your passion, endorsed by the prestigious University of Mumbai.

Step into a curriculum that’s ahead of its time, meticulously crafted to align with the dynamic needs of today’s sports world.

Be at the forefront of sports innovation with opportunities to engage in groundbreaking research and project work that shapes the future of sports.

Immerse yourself in a campus culture that’s vibrant and action-oriented, fostering a ‘learn by doing’ ethos that’s as exhilarating as it is educational.

I am in my second year of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management at IISM and I am a professional Middle-Distance Track Athlete (400m, 800m & 1500m).

I chose to pursue Sports Management because I aspire to work in a field where I can freely express myself and IISM has given me this opportunity. As an athlete, my main aim has always been to improve my performance and my goal is to win a National medal in Athletics and also continue pursuing my other passions.

Rishika Shetty, 2021-24

While studying at IISM, I gained hands-on practical experience and built a strong network because IISM maintains the perfect balance of theory and practical sessions. My advice would be to make the most of the volunteering and internship opportunities that you receive from day one and build a strong network.

Palash Gosrani, 2018-2021

Being a student at IISM has opened many doorways for me in terms of internships and career opportunities. With great faculty that guided us in every possible way and an environment which is really conducive, IISM is the perfect school to learn how to effectively make a worthwhile career in sports. I would urge everyone looking to build a career in sports management to apply to IISM and witness first-hand the chances they offer.

Former Intern at 12TH Hour Ultra Marathon

Jairath Chugh

At IISM, I had an opportunity to volunteer as the Liaison Officer for the Odisha Men’s U/17 and U/21 Hockey Teams at the Khelo India Youth Games 2019.
I feel immensely proud to have been involved with the Odisha U/21 and U/17 Hockey Teams which finished with a Gold and Bronze respectively.

I would like to thank the Corporate Relations Team At IISM for giving me this opportunity.

Palash Gosrani

Working at Khelo India Youth Games 2019 was a great learning experience for me. I had an opportunity to learn a lot in depth. Working with Sports Authority of India and a consortium of EMAs gave me a clear picture of how a mega event is managed and organized which in itself is a great learning curve in my career.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my college IISM for giving me wonderful and fruitful opportunities like this.

D.Venkata Subramaniam

I attended the Mumbai Ultra Marathon for the first time from an organising side.

Behind the scenes there goes so many people’s efforts to make the event successful. Being a part of that team, I felt really proud to have contributed my part in it.

Participants thanked us for making the event beautiful. No incentive can feel as special as those words.

I am thankful to IISM for giving us this opportunity. Looking forward to many more such events.

Suvankar Samanta

It was amazing to be a part of the coverage of a pre-innings and mid innings show for Asia cup match between India and Hong Kong. Jatin Sapru, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer khan, Aakash Chopra, Kapil dev sir were the chief guest for the day who answered to our questions. As sports management students, it’s important for us to learn the technicalities both what’s visible on the TV and what it takes to cover a show. It was a great learning experience for me & I will cherish it for the rest of my life. All thanks to IISM and star sports.

Raman Kosta

Being a part of “The Pinkathon- an initiative by United Sisters Foundation” was a great opportunity.

I strongly believe taking up this internship will be a great start and boost to my learning and will provide first-hand experience of being on the corporate side of events of such calibre.

I can now literally tell everyone that “work is taking me places”, as being a part of the Pinkathon team will allow me to travel and will continue to do so! Thank you IISM for this opportunity.

Shafiq Fidai

“It’s amazing to have had an opportunity of experiencing the pre-match show of the India – Pakistan super 4 clash of the Asia Cup 2018.
A huge mention to the International Institute of Sports Management for letting me be a part of this wonderful experience.
This was a combination of a great learning perspective and a series of fan moments with experts at the Star Sports studio.”

Mihir Upadhyay

My experience with IISM has been great since day 1. The faculty and office staff is really friendly and understanding and when it comes to education, there’s so much emphasis on practical knowledge than book knowledge which is the most important thing needed for such a professional course.

Vinit Shah, 2016

“The International Institute of Sports Management has been a great experience for me. These past few months have helped me learn a lot and grow my knowledge about the sports industry in India.”

Karl Malao, 2016

Career Horizons in

Sports Management

Imagine leading organizations that host major sporting leagues and events, or contributing to community programs that foster sports participation. The BSM degree opens doors to diverse roles, including:

Real-World Experience:

Internships and Career Launchpad

In the second year, students engage in internships, offering a deep dive into the sports ecosystem and enhancing their understanding of the business of sports. This experience is invaluable in building a professional network and gaining practical insights.

In the third year, the institute provides placement assistance, helping students transition seamlessly into their chosen careers in the sports industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The placement opportunities available for BSM students is spread across various industries, to get more information, drop us an email on : admissions@iismworld.in

The fee for 3-year Bachelor of Sports Management is ₹8,09,508/- only.

Yes, you can apply for the BSM program offering, however your admissions would be considered on provisional basis and it’s only after the submission of your final passing exam document that your admissions would be confirmed.

Some of the exciting subjects that you will learn in Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management are: Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, Product Innovations Management, Introduction to Sport Coaching, Sports Marketing, Sports Broadcasting & Journalism among others.