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With our detailed curriculum every student that graduates from IISM has a real shot at a future in the various aspects of the sports industry.

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During the process of your education, we bring in professionals from the different areas in sports to share with you their real world experience.

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We have made it easy for our students to communicate with each other and with the faculty through the IISM website, resulting in optimum efficiency.




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Interning (see all)

Manchester United Soccer Schools

Manchester United Soccer Schools

THE UNITED WAY FOR DURVA Since our launch in 2011, Manchester United Soccer Schools, Mumbai has taken great pride in recruiting, training and developing the best possible people to represent the business. At present we employ 3 local coaching staff who are all MUSS trained and qualified. They are graduated within the Manchester United Football […]

Cricket India Academy

Cricket India Academy

The modern sporting environment demands that an athlete is able to execute their skills in a number of ways and in different scenarios and match conditions. No longer is it sufficient to be able to demonstrate a skill in perfect technique style, the measurement of success is dependent on the athlete’s ability to make the […]

Natura OE&TS

Natura Outdoor education and training solutions

Created to bring the world of adventure and wilderness closer to the common person, Natura creates unique experiences to introduce the urbane individual to the pleasures and insights inherent in the great outdoors. Natura Outdoor Education & Training Solutions (NOETS) is primarily an organisation that uses the wilderness and adventure as tools for Learning & […]

Placed (see all)

Edu Sports

Edu Sports

The assessments are built-into the curriculum delivery and measure the specific learning outcomes of the EduSports programme. Each and every child is tracked individually and the rigorous pre vs. post measurements ensure progress and improvement areas are identified and timely interventions are recommended. HealthyMindz recognizes the important role that parents need to play to ensure […]

Fair Play

Fair Play

FairPlay is among the fastest growing sports agencies in India. With an obsessive emphasis on inclusive sport development, FairPlay works with Indian and overseas Cricketers, Elite Motorsport Athletes, Olympic Shooters, Academies, Rights Holders, Events and Athletes in Need. Driven by innovation and guided by integrity, FairPlay is engaged in the relentless pursuit of excellence in […]

Out of the Box Events

Out of the Box Events

Out of the Box is the Events Division of  Nirvana Motion Pictures Ltd. OOTB continues  its success story having first bagged the 3 year contract, to manage & execute the Ground events of Reliance Commercial Finance sponsored, the India SME Forum 2012. OOTB has recentlt completed the first series covering 11 cities across India including […]


Top Experts

IISM Management

IISM Management is a team of our faculty and administrators that decide on the content in our courses as well as what goes up on our website. All members in this team are absolute professionals and will do whatever it takes to ensure that all our students walk away with the best possible education they can receive.

Sajeevan P Nair


Testimonials (see all)

Rohan Bagwe

IISM has helped me find myself. It has got me acquainted with the sports industry and has been my guiding light for this journey i have embarked on.

Rohan Bagwe – 2010 – ’11 Batch
Juthika Mehta

IISM came as an obvious choice as it was the best option to help pave my path in the sports industry. The journey has been wonderful, it helped me understand the complexities of the sports fraternity and gave me an in depth knowledge of the workings for the same. The unconventional approach in learning only added to the belief that it’s going to be sphere of passion and the desire to contribute that will guide you to your destination. Being in a place with many experienced and like-minded people only positively adds to the experience.

Juthika Mehta – 2011 – ’12 Batch